Occupational Therapy for Children

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Children are our specialty

Occupational Therapists at Swift Health Services are trained in treating a wide variety of pediatric diagnoses including, although not limited to:

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Standardized Assessments

We offer comprehensive standardized occupational therapy assessment packages to meet all the needs of your child.

We offer:

  • School-based assessment packages
  • Home-based assessment packages

Which include:

  • Sensory Profile: the sensory profile provides a standard method for occupational therapists to measure a child’s sensory processing abilities and to profile the affects of sensory processing on functional performance in the daily life of a child.
  • Beery VMI: this is a 3-part assessment which screens a child’s motor coordination, visual motor integration and visual perception.
  • Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of Early Development: a standardized assessment that measures diagnoses delays (i.e. standing, walking, stair climbing, running, jumping, kicking, catching, balance) and age equivalents of the development of children from birth to seven years of age.
  • McMaster Handwriting Assessment (2nd edition): this assessment evaluates the handwriting of school-aged children in kindergarten to grade 6. This assessment was designed to identify the specific areas of handwriting (i.e. postural control, behavioural, pencil grasp, pencil pressure, spacing, reversals) a child is having difficulty with.

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Assessment and Treatment

Our occupational therapists specialize in the assessment and treatment of:

  • Self Care skills (i.e. dressing, grooming, feeding, toileting)
  • Visual Perceptual skills
  • Visual Motor Integration
  • Gross Motor skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Handwriting
  • Sensory Processing
  • Social play

Feeding Therapy

Need help with a picky eater?

We can help! As of 2021, we are now offering dedicated feeding therapy services.

Mental Health

Paediatric Mental Health and Occupational Therapy

Swift Health occupational therapists are providing a range of services for children and youth experiencing mental health difficulties including assessment, treatment, consultation, and parent education. Mental Health difficulties include, although not limited to Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attachment Disorders, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD),
past trauma and explosive behaviours. Occupational therapy services for mental health are provided in the home and or school. Currently serving Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver,  and Richmond, area.

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Annual Review Assessments

Swift Health Services offers annual review assessment and report packages. Our occupational therapists understand the importance of setting appropriate goals and monitoring progress goals for your child and ensuring your child’s occupational therapy goals are contributing to their Individual Education Program (IEP) at their school.

Our annual review assessment package includes:

  • One-hour screening assessment at home
  • School visit to assess child in their natural classroom environment and provide teacher/teacher assistants with feedback
  • Short report with specific goals

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