Swift Health provides private 1-on-1 sessions with clients that are 30 or 60 minutes in length. We provide sessions at your home, workplace, a pool, or a nearby gym. Our goal is to provide quality services on your terms.

Who We Work With

  • Hospital Discharge
  • ICBC Return To Work
  • WorkSafeBC
  • Seniors
  • Athletes


  • Wherever You Want – You pick the time and place to receive treatment. We offer treatment at any of the following places.
    • At Your Home
    • At Your Work
    • At Your Preferred Gym
    • Community Recreational Centre
    • Our Offices: Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge
    • Almost Anywhere! Ask we can most likely make it work. We come to where you need to be.
  • Quality Trusted Professionals – our service providers are the highest paid in the industry. With a combination of a good salary and an amazing company culture — we attract the best talent.
  • Technology – There’s an app for that. We have a custom app and an in-house software development team. We develop software to help you track your progress, goals, and even see the notes being made
  • No User Fees – for ICBC and other insurance claims you pay nothing. We bill directly to the insurance company once we have permission from the adjuster. We also can bill to the lawyer under Direction to Pay (Click here to learn more about direction to pay).
  • One on one treatment – our specialists only work with one client at a time


What will I be doing?

You will have a custom program made for you consisting of things you are comfortable with. This can include endurance rehab, strength rehab, core stability, and passive or active range of motion. It can involve stretching, strengthening and endurance exercises that can be done in a place of your choosing.

What’s the process?

The physiotherapist starts by preforming functional assessments to understand a client’s performance level and then designs a custom program around that. Many times, a whole team is assembled and consulted; Your team could include one or more of the following healthcare providers: occupational therapists, chiropractor, massage therapy, physicians and many more. It is important that everyone understands your overall goals and needs and works towards them.

For ICBC cases you will need a doctors note.

You can also contact Swift Health:

Phone: (604) 800-5542

Fax: (604) 200-5431

Email: [email protected]

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